Making a Marriage

Making a Marriage


Image"It's just not working.  Our lives are full, but our marriage is empty."

Statements like this are becoming increasingly common among Christian couples today. Many couples share a love for God but spend little time growing the love He has given them for each other. The 2007 CLT Denomination Wide Study addresses seven essentials for a strong relationship. The Making a Marriage book was written by educators and licensed counselors and it teaches couples the essentials of marriage so they can honor their lifelong vows, improve their relationships with their spouses, and counter our culture's destructive influences. 

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Formacion de un Matrimonia

Para descargar el libro en español Formación de un Matrimonio.

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Leader's Guide for Small Groups

This leader's guide is designed to be used as you conduct a class within your local church.

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Who's on First

This is the resource for Session 4.

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Leader's Guide for Weekend Retreat

This leader's guide is designed to be used as you work through the book in a weekend retreat setting. Because of the optional clergy emphasis this leader's guide can be used for pastors and wives.

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