Webinar - CARE: Quite Possibly the Ultimate Ministry Opportunity by Charles Puchta
The core principles of caring ministry are contrary to human tendencies (e.g., offering advice, trying to fix it). Without a clear purpose and core skills, caring is often left to pastors as people struggle with what to do, say, and pray. As a fundamental expression of the Christian faith, caring matters as it is love in action; a reflection of our faith and a demonstration of our love for God and people. This webinar, conducted by Charles Puchta, founder and president of Care Ministry, will explore core biblical principles and often overlooked perspectives about caring ministry. Additionally, he will share practical tools to stimulate thinking and help churches provide care in ways that align with the mission of their church and impact lives for Christ. This will be an educational webinar that will benefit anyone that attends. Charles Puchta may briefly highlight resources available through Care Ministry for those that are interested. If you are a pastor and would like Lifelong Learning credit, you can use code 05924.

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