Webinar - Helping People Find Restoration in Christ Through Intentional Interpersonal Skills by Dr. Mark Glover
Society today places a premium on self. We are to know how things make us feel and then change the bad circumstances so that we don’t have to feel the negative emotions. Far too often this seems to take us out of the spheres of influence where God puts us. “She hurt my feelings, so we didn’t go back to that church.” “He got in the way of the plan I had, so now I just don’t talk to him anymore.” It’s so easy to disregard these relationships, deeming them unimportant in the big picture. After all, we still have our real friends. What if there was a different way? A way of reframing our past hurts into opportunities for growth and giving us tools to interact with people as God calls us to. What would it look like if we were constantly working to bring people to a place of restoration in Christ instead of always working to avoid the hard parts of relationships. If you are a pastor and would like Lifelong Learning credit, you can use code 64707.

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