Webinar - Teaching Adult Learners: Lessons Learned from Jesus, the Master Teacher with Dr. Juanita Copley
Juanita Copley, a passionate Christ-follower and teacher educator, shares the lessons she has learned from her experiences and most importantly, from Jesus, a masterful teacher. In this class, she matches the teaching qualities demonstrated by Jesus Christ to proven education methods and strategies. Class participants will be introduced to 15 topics of quality teaching and responses to the why, what, who, how, when, and where questions will be addressed. Dr. Juanita Copley is a Professor Emerita from the University of Houston. She has written many books involving mathematics teaching, shared teaching strategies nationally and internationally, and most recently published a book describing her life journey, “Journey Transformed: Opening My Eyes to God’s Truth and Grace.” If you are a pastor and would like Lifelong Learning credit, you can use code 98246.

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